Virtual Laboratory

Alarm systems and real-time tank monitoring

The Benefits of Virtual Laboratory

Virtual Laboratory is a modular system for tracking, inventorying of biological samples used in a biological laboratory. Virtual Laboratory is the flexible web based system that meets the need for continuous monitoring of medical environments such as, biological laboratories and biobanks.
manage, is doomed to succeed!

Real - time monitoring

Realtime monitoring for Lab environment with IP camera and device statistics. Mobile access for realtime monitoring Collect data directly from freezers/incubators and other open protocol devices.

Design multiple labs

Design multiple labs, create, delete, update cryo vessels, freezers. Simultaneous communication with a large number of devices installed in different rooms, different buildings, very distant from each other, using the existing LAN structure: both wired and wireless

Split or Join biological samples.

Create, read, delete, update and transfer samples. Availability and location of sample within the cryo-vessels and freezers with 2D and 3D options. A specific graphical interface allows the operator to select and explore the cryo positioning of the biological sample.

Advanced Statistics

Tracking of temperatures measured on the biological sample during its life into the cryo-vessels / freezers

Operation of Control and Validation

Operation of Control and Validation as a result of an alarm condition on the stored samples.


Generation and printing of special labels with bar codes to associate with the biological sample processed

Why use Virtual Laboratory?

Such environments, in accordance with applicable regulations and specific industry guidelines contain many other appliances that need to be constantly monitored: Blood-bank refrigerators, CO2 incubators, cryo-containers, mechanical freezers and more.
Find out why you should use Virtual Laboratory for your startup development below.


Storage of alarms (exceeding of set threshold, device alarms) Management of alarm conditions by sending voice calls / SMS / e-mail to configured users.

Responsive Design

The design of our product allows to use it on any device - it will always look stunning.

Reading bar codes

Reading bar codes to instantly retrieve all information associated with the biological sample processed Association of the biological sample to the donor patient.

Free Updates

Updating is the key of reliability, and that’s why our clients get free Virtual Laboratory updates .

Online Archive

Creation of patient records, with personal details, medical history and description of the disease. Print reports on life and management of biological samples: storage temperatures, dislocation in time, the operations perform it, warning and alarms.

More Advantages

Management of operators that access the system via encrypted password authentication. Multi-lingual and Multi-user support, which provide simultaneous access to the system by several operators

  • Employee Management

    If you need to change information of a single employee, Virtual Laboratory can help you with it.

  • Human Resources

    This product can help you easily manage all of your company’s human resources.

  • Reading bar codes

    Reading bar codes to instantly retrieve all information associated with the biological sample processed Association of the biological sample to the donor patient.

  • Employee Summary

    You can receive latest information about an employee and his/her work within seconds.

  • Enterprise Statistics

    This feature is designed to supply a manager with up-to-date stats about their department.

  • History Report

    To be informed about events of your company, you can use History Report feature.

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